We pre-recorded today’s conversation over Zoom to chat with Dyllan Chapins, Associate Extension Agent with Frederick County 4-H. Dyllan explained all the activities, programs and competitions that encompass 4-H (not just livestock) and how they’ve had to tweak several of them during the pandemic. She told us about the partnership between Frederick County 4-H and Tractor Supply who is currently hosting a Paper Clover Campaign where local 4-H’ers created posters showing how 4-H offers an #Opportunity4All to everyone involved. For more information about Frederick County 4-H, visit their website: https://www.frederickco4h.com/ and follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FrederickVA4H You can reach Dyllan here: https://frederick.ext.vt.edu/staff/DyllanChapins.html