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farm party at richards fruit market

Farm Party at Richard’s Fruit Market

5 November 2020

We pre-recorded our conversation from the parking lot at Richard’s Fruit Market located at 6410 Middle Road in Middletown to chat with owner/farmer, Eddie Richard.

Eddie told us about how the market opened early this year in response to COVID-19, the impact being able to help feed his community had on his customers, and talked about all the new local partnerships he’s forged in the last 6-9 months for products to offer in the market.

We talked about the history of the market (established in 1953) and the 5 generations that have kept it going. Eddie also told us about his decision to move forward with his festival schedule since his venue is an open-air market with 95% of the venue being completely outdoors. He explained the changes they made to the layout of the festival(s) and about a new Tomato Festival they introduced in September as well as the upcoming Farm Party at Richard’s Fruit Market happening on Saturday, November 14 from 11am – 3pm. The Farm Party will feature live bluegrass music, local craft beer flights, bonfires and gourmet sliders made fresh with the market’s farm-raised beef and toppings from local vendors.

For updates about the Farm Party at Richard’s Fruit Market, or to shop their online inventory, follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RichardsFruitMarket/ and visit their website: https://richardsfruitmarket.com/

Farm Party at Richard's Fruit Market

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