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The Valley Business Today: Front Royal’s Culligan Man

5 August 2020

We pre-recorded today’s conversation via Zoom for The Valley Business Today with Niki Cales from Front Royal/Warren County Chamber of Commerce and her guest, Gary Keats from Front Royal Culligan.

Gary gave us an overview of the various water services his company provides and the communities he serves. We talked about Free Water Fridays, the ability to refill your water containers at their Front Royal location and he gave us details about their newest service: delivering bulk water for cisterns, pools and hot tubs. He also told us about his commitment to the community through partnerships with local businesses and non-profits to provide bottled water for events. For more information about Front Royal Culligan, visit their website: https://frontroyalculligan.com/ and follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CulliganFrontRoyal/

Niki updated us on the small business grants the chamber is managing for the Town of Front Royal. She told us how the grants originated, explained the process, and reminded us the deadline to apply is August 10, 2020. To apply or for more information: http://frontroyalva.com/cares

The Valley Business Today: Front Royal's Culligan Man

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