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  • Fun Fact April 10, 2020.

Fun Fact April 10, 2020.

10 April 2020

Today is Good Friday, but why is it called Good?  Today is the day that Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus.  How could a crucifixion be considered good?  Some early folk traditions say it was a corruption of God Friday, similar to goodbye being a contraction of God be with you.  Most historians and linguists don’t believe that is the case.  Good was associated with Holy, so the day is also known as Holy Friday.  In Old English it was called Long Friday.  Some Christian denominations remember Good Friday with fasts, prayer and special services.  For non Christians Good Friday may be just another day.  The account of the death of Jesus and his resurrection on the third day, can be found in each of the four gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  For Christians the Good part of the day is the fact that Jesus went willingly to the cross to die for, not only their sins, but the sins of anyone who would put their faith in who Jesus is and what He did.  One sacrifice for many.  The innocent punished for the guilty.

Fun Fact April 10, 2020.