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  • Fun Fact April 20, 2021.

Fun Fact April 20, 2021.

19 April 2021

Tool time Tuesday, let’s see what’s in the toolbox today.  For that matter, let’s talk about the toolbox itself.  The concept of having a single container to hold various tools has been around for centuries.  Probably the most famous toolbox was created in the late 1800’s by a mason, carpenter and piano maker named H. O. Studley.  According to My Modern Met dot com the Studley Tool Chest is 20×40 inches when closed, 40×40 inches when open, and contains 300 tools within its carefully crafted mahogany rosewood, ebony, and mother-of-pearl case. Designed to hold his own tools, as well as a collection of 19th-century hand tools, Studley worked diligently to craft an ingenious system that would pack everything into the relatively small space. Flip up trays, hidden compartments, and multiple layers conceal everything perfectly. Each tool has its proper space, even clicking when pushed into place.  As interesting as the piece itself is, it has a long history, which at one point saw it displayed in the Smithsonian.

Fun Fact April 20, 2021.