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Fun Fact April 22, 2020

22 April 2020

Today’s fun fact has gone to the dogs.  A dog is said to be mans best friend and there are very few who would dispute that.  We all know how loyal a dog can be, the fact that a dog truly has unconditional love for their human and they certainly can help relieve stress, when they are not causing it because they heard a noise or that same squirrel is on the front porch again, teasing them.  Most are highly intelligent and dogs have an incredible sense of smell.  Beside the ability to distinguish thousands of smells, a dogs nose is also unique in another way.  A dogs nose print is unique too.  Just like a  human finger print, a dog can be identified by their nose print.  People get doggie identification kits just like you might get for your child.  The kit would include a picture, perhaps some hair for use in DNA identification and, yes, a nose print.  Some puppy parents have even gone as far as getting a tattoo of their pet’s nose print.  Here all this time I’ve just been washing them off the glass in the front door.

Fun Fact April 22, 2020