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  • Fun Fact April 22, 2021.

Fun Fact April 22, 2021.

19 April 2021

Are you head over heels for someone or something?  According to Ginger Software dot com, The phrase ‘Head over Heels’ is used when one is very much in love with someone. It is often preceded by the word fall or fell to describe the feelings that typically occur at the beginning of a relationship. The terms ‘head’ and ‘heels’ have been used in English phrases since the 13th century when the phrase ‘heels over head’ was common. The term was also used in classical Latin. The origin of the idiom, as we know it today, is believed to be when Davy Crockett wrote “I soon found myself head over heels in love with this girl” in 1834.

Fun Fact April 22, 2021.