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  • Fun Fact April 28, 2020.

Fun Fact April 28, 2020.

28 April 2020

Today’s fun fact is poppycock!  You can almost hear the word rolling off the tongue of a British gent as he’s listening to a tall tale from one of his mates over a pint down at the local pub.  According to the Oxford English Dictionary the word actually has American origins with Dutch roots.  The Dutch word is poppekak.  The first half of the word, pop, is related to a doll and term of endearment, poppet.  The second half of the word, kak or in English cack, means excrement.  The Dutch phrase is a few words longer but literally means “as fine as powered doll poop.”  The word was presumably taken to the USA by Dutch settlers; the scatological associations were lost when the word moved into the English-language community.  Upon further consideration, today’s fun fact was not poppycock.

Fun Fact April 28, 2020.