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Fun Fact April 6, 2020.

6 April 2020

Are you a knucklehead?  Let’s hope not, unless you’re a Harley Davidson.  We’ve all known and probably know someone who is qualified, perhaps even overqualified, to be called a knucklehead.  Depending on how it’s used, it can either be a term of endearment or an outright insult.  Brothers might call each other knucklehead in a joking matter, while a stranger might call that same brother a knucklehead and find themselves in an altercation with both brothers.  The word is uniquely American, coined in the late nineteenth century, but made popular in the 1940s by an Army recruitment character known as “R. F. Knucklehead.”  The Three Stooges had a hand in popularizing the term as well as others; numbskull, pinhead and the ever popular nincompoop.  All basically referring to the low intelligence of the person the comment was directed towards.

Fun Fact April 6, 2020.