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  • Fun Fact April 6, 2021.

Fun Fact April 6, 2021.

6 April 2021

Tool time Tuesday and today we’ll make sure we’re all square.  It seems odd that you’d use a tool shaped like a triangle to make sure things are square, but that’s exactly what a speed square does, among other things.  The name speed square is a registered trademark of the Swanson Tool Company of Frankfort, Illinois.  Albert J. Swanson invented the A Speed Square in 1925 as a carpenter’s layout tool. He later founded Swanson Tool Company, Inc. to produce it. In addition to making sure your corners are square, you can use this handy tool for marking common, hip, valley and hip, or valley jack rafters, laying out stair stingers, determining and marking angles, and making square cuts on boards.

Fun Fact April 6, 2021.