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  • Fun Fact April 9, 2021.

Fun Fact April 9, 2021.

8 April 2021

It’s a mythical creature, cute but fierce.  The jackalope is a North American folklore critter described as a jackrabbit with antelope horns.  In the 1930s, Douglas Herrick and his brother, hunters with taxidermy skills, some spare time and a case or two of beer, popularized the American jackalope by grafting deer antlers onto a jackrabbit carcass and selling the combination to a local hotel in Douglas, Wyoming. After that they made and sold many similar jackalopes to a retail outlet in South Dakota, and another taxidermist continue to manufacture the horned rabbits to this very day.  Some places even issue jackalope hunting licenses to tourists.  The jackalope ranks right up there with other mythical creatures like giant turtles and of course Bigfoot.  I wonder if you where able to get a picture of a jackalope in the wild if the photo would be blurry.  All the Bigfoot photos seem to be.

Fun Fact April 9, 2021.