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  • Fun Fact August 10, 2020.

Fun Fact August 10, 2020.

10 August 2020

Of all the veggies, the cucumber is the coolest.  You’ve no doubt heard the idiom “as cool as a cucumber.”  It means you are calm and collected in stressful situations and don’t lose your cool.  But why the cucumber.  You could get the same alliteration by using a carrot.  Carrots, as it turns out, are not as cool, temperature wise, as the cucumber.  Since a cucumber is mostly water they stay cool even on the hottest day, in fact as much as 20 degrees cooler than the air temperature.  The phrase, along with others, shows up in a poem by John Gay from 1732 entitled “New Songs on New Similes.”

Fun Fact August 10, 2020.