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Fun Fact August 17, 2020.

17 August 2020

Up, up and away!  If you’re familiar with that song, you know the next few words in the lyrics.  In my beautiful balloon.  The first manned hot air balloon free flight happened on November 1, 1783.  There had been several other tethered flights prior to that, you know, just to make sure things were going to work as they should.  The concept of a hot air balloon is fairly simple.  Take a large, light weight bag, fill it with air, then gradually heat the air.  Since hot air rises, the captured hot air floats upwards, carrying the balloon and whatever is attached to it.  The balloon is at the mercy of the wind, but the pilot can somewhat control the direction of flight by gaining or losing altitude and finding an air current that is moving is a different direction.  It was on this date in 1978 that three Americans made the first transatlantic balloon flight.  I’ve had the pleasure of a hot air balloon ride and I highly recommend it.  The tradition is to partake of a bit of bubbly after landing, sharing with the land owner.

Fun Fact August 17, 2020.