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  • Fun Fact August 31, 2020.

Fun Fact August 31, 2020.

31 August 2020

Are you copacetic on this Monday?  The word is an adjective that means everything is all right, in excellent order and, well, copacetic.  According to Stephen Goranson there is good reason to think that Irving Bacheller invented the word for a fictional character in his best-selling book about Abraham Lincoln in Illinois, A Man for the Ages.  The book came out in 1919 and eventually grew into a series.  The character in that book and series had his own unique language.   it’s also speculated that it may have originated among African Americans in the Southern US in the late 19th or early 20th century, perhaps specifically in the jargon of Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, who, at the very least, helped popularize the word.  There are many theories  about the origin but all lack evidence to support them.  Hopefully, you’re copacetic!

Fun Fact August 31, 2020.