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  • Fun Fact December 11, 2020.

Fun Fact December 11, 2020.

11 December 2020

If you suffer from arachnophobia, you may want to tune out.  Today’s fun fact is about the Amazon Giant Fishing Spider.  I think I just got a chill up my spine.  The good news, unless you visit the Amazon your chances of seeing one of these is pretty slim, but of course there’s always dreams.  Now that I’ve planted that seed, the Amazon Giant Fishing Spider is semi aquatic and lives near water in South Africa.  As the name implies, it eats small fish, tadpoles and insects.  this spectacular spider has a brilliant green, gold, and white body, which is fairly easy to see since the spider can grow to be up to 8 inches.  That will leave pretty large spot in the carpet.  Probably have to use both feet to squish it.

Fun Fact December 11, 2020.