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  • Fun Fact December 14, 2020.

Fun Fact December 14, 2020.

14 December 2020

In our Fun Facts adventure we’ve pulled a leg and shook a leg.  Today we’ll break a leg.  It’s a common phrase among actors and it basically means good luck or have a good show.  How can breaking a leg be good luck.  Some say the term originated during Elizabethan times when, instead of applause, the audience would bang their chairs on the ground. If they liked the show enough, the leg of the chair would break.  Another theory is that at edge of a stage, just out of sight of the audience a line, imaginary or real, referred to as the “leg line”  In the days of vaudeville, for an unpaid stand-by performer to cross or “break” this line would mean that the performer was getting an opportunity to go onstage and be paid. Therefore, “break a leg” might have shifted from a specific hope for this outcome to a general hope for any performer’s good fortune.  What ever the origin, next time you’re on stage I hope you break a leg.

Fun Fact December 14, 2020.