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  • Fun Fact December 18, 2020.

Fun Fact December 18, 2020.

18 December 2020

King Julian and the rest of the lemurs on Madagascar were always on the lookout for the Fossa.  These critters are real and according to Far And Wide dot com They look so much like a cat that naturalists and official descriptions refer to them as “cat-like” even though they are actually a member of the weasel family and is a close relative of the mongoose. The ears and head of a Fossa is shaped like a cat, but it has a long tail that it uses to grip tree branches as it climbs in search of food.  They are carnivores that hunts in the trees and on the ground. As the largest predator in Madagascar, it eats everything from rodents to lemurs. It also has a range that stretches from the lowlands to the plateaus of Madagascar.

Fun Fact December 18, 2020.