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  • Fun Fact December 2, 2020.

Fun Fact December 2, 2020.

2 December 2020

Ok, let’s shake a leg!  There are a couple of meanings for this phrase; to get up and move, to hurry up and do something or to dance.  There is an Aboriginal dance called Shake A Leg.  According to Grammerist dot com The first use of shake a leg to mean hurry up is found in the New York Magazine in 1904. The origins of the phrase shake a leg are a bit murky, however, there are claims that the term comes from the American Civil War, when after a battle, stretcher-bearers would violently jostle a leg or arm to see if they could elicit a response from a victim on the field and thereby ascertain if he were alive or dead.  I suppose if they got a response, the stretcher-bearers would shake a leg of their own to get the patient to the help they needed.  

Fun Fact December 2, 2020.