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  • Fun Fact December 22, 2020.

Fun Fact December 22, 2020.

22 December 2020

Why do we light up Christmas?  According to Time dot com the first such holiday lights were introduced in 1882 by Edward Johnson, a friend and partner of light-bulb inventor Thomas Edison.  Johnson didn’t introduce the idea of using light to celebrate the holiday; the tradition of making the winter festive with the light and warmth of fire is much older than electricity. For many years, those who could afford to would express their Christmas spirit by lighting candles on trees.  Generally, the tree was set up in the parlor and when all the family would come down to see the tree, dad or grandpa would light up all the candles, that according to John Hanssen, a member of Golden Glow of Christmas Past, an international organization for Christmas history. Hanssen says “you’d look at it for a few seconds and blow them out.” Candles were lit to signify the light of Jesus, according to Hanssen.  But all those candles, as you can imagine, had a serious downside, causing numerous fires.  I’ll just stick with my white LED’s. 

Fun Fact December 22, 2020.