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  • Fun Fact December 31, 2020.

Fun Fact December 31, 2020.

31 December 2020

The last day of 2020, thank goodness, right?  So what will you be doing to celebrate this evening?  The answer depends on where you are in the world.  In Brazil you’ll be wearing white for good luck and peace.  If you’re near the ocean you’ll be jumping 7 waves, again for good luck.  In Denmark you’d be breaking a plate, a symbol of luck.  Also in Denmark you’ll literally be jumping into the new year.  At midnight people leap off a chair into January, for good luck and to banish bad spirits.  In Columbia people run around the block carrying an empty suitcase in hopes of guaranteeing a year of travel.  In certain Latin American countries the color of your underwear is what determines what sort of year you’ll have.  Red for love, yellow for luck and white for peace.  In Spain they eat exactly 12 grapes, one at each stroke of the clock.  Don’t miss one or bad luck will ensue in the coming year.  Some people make a wish at midnight while others write down a wish or goal and put it away and retrieve it the next New Years Eve and see if expectations were forgotten, met or exceeded.  Whatever you do this evening, please be safe.

Fun Fact December 31, 2020.