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  • Fun Fact December 9, 2020.

Fun Fact December 9, 2020.

9 December 2020

I was reading with my youngest, Levi, the other night and in the story a crusty pirate used the word “lubber” and I was wondering from wench did it come?  Is it a silly way to say lover?  Actually, the word is an obsolete term for being a big, stupid, clumsy oaf or a lout and possibly is related to the word lob which means the same thing.  From there it evolved to mean an inexperience sailor.  It can also be a be verb to mean sail badly.  If you add land to it, landlubber, you get the more familiar term which means basically the same thing, an inexperience sailor, possibly on their first voyage.  How many times have you heard “you lilly livered landlubber” in a pirate movie?  It can also mean someone who lives and works on land.  In other words, not a sailor.  If someone calls you a lubber or landlubber, it’s not a term of endearment.   

Fun Fact December 9, 2020.