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  • Fun Fact February 10, 2021.

Fun Fact February 10, 2021.

10 February 2021

I’ll try not to vex you today!  Have you ever been vexed?  Perhaps you have, but just didn’t know it.  To vex someone is to annoy, disturb or frustrate them.  Teenagers are typically good at this.  The word is from the Latin vexare which is also where the French get vexer and the middle English simplified it to vex.  The word began being used in the early 1800’s.  You can vex someone, be vexed by someone or find yourself in a situation that is vexing.  The question that vexes you may be “why me?”  Let’s all do our best not to vex or be vexed.  Vex not lest ye be vexed!   

Fun Fact February 10, 2021.