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  • Fun Fact February 12, 2021.

Fun Fact February 12, 2021.

12 February 2021

It’s fishy Friday.  Well, actually the Japanese Spider Crab isn’t really a fish, it’s an arthropod, and a pretty big one.  You’ll find these crabs off the coast of Japan, hence the name.  They have the largest leg span of any arthropod, measuring as much as twelve feet from claw to claw.  Their bodies can be as much as sixteen inches across and weigh as much as 42 pounds.  They are omnivores and sometimes acts as a scavenger eating dead sea creatures.  They have been known to injure humans with their massive claws.  The Japanese spider crab is occasionally collected for food, and even considered a delicacy in many parts of Japan and other areas in the region.  Twelve feet is a lot of crab leg! 

Fun Fact February 12, 2021.