Tool time Tuesday and a memory from my uncles shop.  When I was a teen I spent the summers on my grandmothers farm, making hay, milking cows and cleaning stables.  From time to time a piece of equipment would break and we’d have to visit the shop.  The shop was in the bottom of a building that had seen better days. It was full of old tools and in particular a hand crank fan attached to a forge.  While my uncle was hammering rivets to attach a new cutting blade to the sickle bar of the hay mower, I was spinning the handle of the forge fan.  It was really cool because it was geared so low.  One crank on the handle would spin the fan about five times.  Not only did it make a lot air, it made a really cool sound.  We never forged anything, but I made sure that fan got a workout every time I ventured into the shop.  I wonder what ever happened to that old forge.