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Fun Fact February 17, 2021

17 February 2021

The itch that can’t be scratched.  Ever had one of those?  You know the spot, between the shoulder blades that you can’t reach without a back scratcher?  That spot has a name.  It’s known as the acnestis.  The word has it’s origins in the Greek word aknestis meaning spine and ancient Greek knestis, also meaning spine and cheese grater?  Apparently the ancient Greeks didn’t have time to make up  new words so they just used the same word to mean two totally different things.  “Hey Theopolis, hand me the knestis….no, not the spine, the cheese grater!”  But I digress.  Next time you have a unreachable itch ask your significant other to scratch your acnestis.  They may tell you to kiss their…well, you know.   

Fun Fact February 17, 2021