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  • Fun Fact February 19, 2021.

Fun Fact February 19, 2021.

19 February 2021

What is the deadliest animal to humans on earth?  I don’t mean what are you most afraid of, because that would be different for each of us.  I, myself, am not a fan of snakes.  You may not like dogs.  Both of those are in the top ten for most deadly animals, but way down the list.  Snakes, for instance, only kill about fifty thousand people each year.  The critter at the top of the list kills between seven hundred thousand and one million people each year, depending on which source you use.  The number one on the list is tiny, in comparison to most deadly animals that you might think of.  It’s a flying insect that has vexed many a picnic and camp out.  They buzz about your ears and land without notice on your exposed skin.  You don’t even realize they are there until they bite.  We’re talking about the mosquito.  They may be tiny, but they have the greatest potential to kill a human by spreading viruses and parasites.  By the way, the second animal on the list of most deadliest animals to humans is other humans.  Sad, but true.

Fun Fact February 19, 2021.