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  • Fun Fact February 23, 2021.

Fun Fact February 23, 2021.

23 February 2021

Tool time Tuesday and it’s on the level today!  No, really, today we’re going to learn about the level, a tool everyone should have in their tool kit. No one knows how old levels really are, but, it is known that the Romans used tanks filled with water when building their famous aqueducts.  By looking at the water in the tank, the Romans could determine if the base was completely flat or at an angle.  Fast forward to 1661 when a French scientist named Thevenot invented the level that most of us are familiar with.  A cradle with a glass tube that has a liquid and an air bubble.  Originally the liquid was water, but was eventually change to alcohol or mineral oil so it wouldn’t freeze.  You’ll sometimes hear a level referred to as a spirit level due to the mineral spirits used.  Although introduced in 1661 many builders continued to use bottles filled with water as levels.  There are various types of levels including carpenters level, mason’s level, torpedo level, line level and water level.

Fun Fact February 23, 2021.