Please allow me to fetch you a fun fact!  If I do, will I be fetching?  This is an interesting word with lots of different meanings.  Most of us have thrown a stick for our dog to fetch.  In that case it means to get something and bring it back.  You can also give someone a fetch, that being striking someone.  If you are sailing against the wind and tide you are trying to fetch the harbor before a storm breaks.  You can also fetch, or arrive, home after a long ride.  Back to the dog example; if your dog is fetching is he or she bringing something back or is he or she good looking?  You can describe something as fetching, which means appealing or attractive.  An example is she has a fetching smile.  The word has it roots in Middle English from as far back as the 12th century.  I think I’ll go fetch another Fun Fact, hopefully a fetching one.