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Fun Fact February 3, 2021.

3 February 2021

Weird word Wednesday and this one might help you our in a Scrabble game.  The word is quire.  It has a couple of meanings, all having to do with sheets of paper or parchment.  In modern terms a quire is 24 or 25 sheets of the same size paper, or about one twentieth of a ream.  The first known use of the word is from the 15th Century.  In Middle English there is a word quaire which means four sheets of paper folded once.  It is also the archaic spelling of choir, you know a group of singers.  For you Scrabble players, next time you get the “Q” remember quire and you’ll get 14 points and get that troublesome letter off your tile rack.   

Fun Fact February 3, 2021.