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Fun Fact February 8, 2021.

8 February 2021

Inspiration for these comes in various ways.  It could be a childhood memory, a Face Book post, a conversation or something I see while I’m driving, like today’s.  I had to make a trip to Winchester last week for some station business.  On my way I was stopped at a traffic light and there, in the lane to my right was a hearse.  I thought “why is that called a hearse?”  The word hearse is from the French word herse, which means harrow. The funeral hearse was originally a wooden or metal framework, which stood over the coffin.  It had numerous spikes to hold burning candles and resembled the spikes of a harrow. Later on, the word was applied, not only to the construction above the coffin, but to anything in which a coffin was placed.  From about 1650 the word hearse was used as the name of the any vehicle which carried the deceased to the grave.  In the funeral business the hearse is known as the funeral car or funeral coach.   

Fun Fact February 8, 2021.