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  • Fun Fact February 9, 2021.

Fun Fact February 9, 2021.

9 February 2021

Tool time Tuesday and today a tool to be on the lookout for.  Antique tools are very cool and very collectable.  There are various types of planes, each of which performs a specific task.  If you happen find a Nicholson Wood plane at a garage sale or perhaps in your tool box, you may have a very valuable tool.  Francis Nicholson is America’s first documented plane maker because it’s believed he became the first plane maker to imprint his name on the tools he created. Nicholson lived from 1683-1753.  He made his planes from about 1728 until his death 1753 and it’s estimated that perhaps he made over ten thousand in that time.  Because they are made of wood few of his planes have survived, which is why one of the wooden planes he designed and built sold recently for over five thousand dollars at auction.  You’d have to be plane crazy to pay that much!

Fun Fact February 9, 2021.