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Fun Fact January 1, 2021.

31 December 2020

What’s on your menu today?  If you are following tradition you’ll be eating pork and sauerkraut, but why?  That tradition comes to us from Germany where it’s believed to bring good luck.  Germans wish each other as many riches as the strands cabbage in the kraut they eat.  Ok, so that’s the sauerkraut but what about the pork?  According to Wildbrine dot com Legend says that pork is enjoyed because pigs look and root forward when they are looking for food and one should look forward to the new year.  On the other hand you shouldn’t eat chicken and turkeys because they scratch backward when they are looking for something to eat.  Here in the South you’ll most likely find black eyed peas on the menu.  Again another symbol of good luck dating back to the Civil War.  The Union Army ignored the fields of black eyed peas as they burned other crops, leaving them untouched and available for Confederate soldiers to eat when food supplies were low.   If you want the best chance of luck you should eat 365 peas today, one for each day of the coming new year.  Happy New Year!

Fun Fact January 1, 2021.