Tool time Tuesday!  Let’s fry up some stuff.  The newest addition to our kitchen appliance arsenal is an air fryer.  Instead of deep frying in a vat of hot oil, this device achieves the same effect using only rapidly circulating hot air.  By not submersing the food in oil, the results are a fried dish without all the extra oil.  It’s not only creates a healthier meal, but it’s quick.  We’ve used ours several times and the results are amazing.  I even made donuts with it one evening.  The air fryer of today’s kitchen first appeared in 2010 when Philips debuted the Airfryer in Berlin.  According to Mashed dot com, Fred van der Weij invented this air fryer because he bought a fat-free fryer from a television advertisement. Apparently, the food it cooked didn’t taste particularly good.  So, he set to work, and by 2007, had a working product that was also user-friendly.  Fred reached out to Philips, who was trying to invent a way of frying foods that did not involve unhealthy oils and the world was changed when they brought the air fryer to market.  Listen to the podcast here;