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  • Fun Fact January 12, 2021.

Fun Fact January 12, 2021.

12 January 2021

It’s Tuesday and today we’ll look at another tool.  There is a tool for every job and if you don’t have that tool the job can take twice as long and be a miserable experience.  Trust me, I know.  Today’s tool is something that has been around for centuries; the plumb bob.  No, it’s not a tool to pick plumbs or any other fruit.  According the Family Handyman dot com it’s a handy tool used to establish a vertical line.   Egyptians used them to build the pyramids and builders throughout the ages have used them to determine if walls are “plumb” or perfectly straight from top to bottom. They’re a great tool for things like centering lights over a kitchen island, determining the proper spacing of recessed lights or framing basement walls.  A plumb bob can be as simple as a rock or other weight tied to a string to very fancy weights made of solid brass or other metal.  I have one from my dad’s collection that is made of aluminum.  If you own a chalk line, you most likely have a plumb bob in the same tool.  If the end opposite of where the line comes out is pointed, it can be used as a plumb bob.    

Fun Fact January 12, 2021.