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  • Fun Fact January 15, 2021.

Fun Fact January 15, 2021.

15 January 2021

Today’s fun fact is straight from the horses mouth.  In this age of multiple sources to get information, wouldn’t it be nice to get it straight from the horses mouth?  No, not like from Mr. Ed, it means to get information directly from the source with no go betweens.  The phrase has it’s origin in horse trade and is said to come from the 1900s, when buyers would determine a horse’s age by examining its teeth.  Don’t believe what the farmer says about the age of the horse, go directly to the horses mouth.  This is also the origin of the idiom “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”  It’s considered rude to inspect a gift, so if someone gives you a horse, don’t look in it’s mouth to see how old it is.  A gift is a gift, just smile, say thank you and accept it graciously.   

Fun Fact January 15, 2021.