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  • Fun Fact January 19, 2021.

Fun Fact January 19, 2021.

19 January 2021

It’s tool time Tuesday!  Ever heard of a spud wrench?  No, it’s not a tool to plant, harvest or peel potatoes.  There are actually two types of spud wrenches.  One is used by plumbers and the other is used by iron workers.  Both look very similar.  They typically have an adjustable wrench on one end.  The one used by steel workers has a long handle that tapers to a point.  It’s used to line up holes in steal beams so that bolts or rivets can be installed to fasten the beams together.  The plumbing version can also be adjustable but is typically flatter so it can fit in those tight spaces to remove or install a plumbing spud, which was a standard fixture on toilets in years gone by.

Fun Fact January 19, 2021.