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  • Fun Fact January 22, 2021.

Fun Fact January 22, 2021.

22 January 2021

I grew up watching Mutual Of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom with Merlin Perkins and Jim Fowler.  Every week they introduced us to an animal from some far off place.  I remember learning about this animal from that show; the Kinkajou. Related to the raccoon, the kinkajou actually looks nothing like its cousin. They are nicknamed the “honey bear,” and lives in the trees of Central and South American rainforests.  The Kinkajou weighs  between 3 and 7 pounds and is 1 to 2 feet long.  They have a prehensile tail they use to grip trees, and it has an interesting diet: a mix of honey from beehives and whatever it can find from scavenging, like it’s cousin the racoon.  Kinkajous live in groups and enjoy social grooming and communication. They can be hard to find in their dense canopy home.  I’ll just stay here at camp while Jim ventures out into the rainforest to locate the elusive Kinkajou.

Fun Fact January 22, 2021.