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  • Fun Fact January 26, 2021.

Fun Fact January 26, 2021.

26 January 2021

Tool time Tuesday and today’s tool is actually a kitchen utensil.  How many of you own and use a honey dipper?  It’s a tool used to collect viscous liquids, primarily honey, and transport it to something else, in the case of honey your biscuit or slice of bread.  They have a handle that is connected to head that has several grooves.  When put in the honey those grooves collect and hold it, as the person using it slowly turns the handle.  They are typically made of wood, however they can also be made of plastic or even glass.  You may remember a musical group from the 80’s called the Honey Dippers and you may even remember the term “honey dipper” being a disparaging description of someone who had the task of emptying septic tanks. 

Fun Fact January 26, 2021.