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Fun Fact January 4, 2021.

4 January 2021

A little rigmarole today, if that’s even possible.  Some add an extra “a” to their pronunciation, rig AH ma role, when actually there is no second “a” and therefore it’s pronounced RIG-me-role.  The definition of rigmarole is any long, foolish, confusing speech or discourse.  Rigmarole can also be used to refer to any long, complicated procedure, sort of like this explanation. According to Word Foolery dot com, the word comes from Ragemon, a medieval children’s game of chance.  The game was very complex and had a list of characters on something called the “ragmans roll.”  That name and the fact that the game was not easy to understand or play probably gave us the word rigmarole.

Fun Fact January 4, 2021.