Tool time Tuesday!  When I worked on my grandmothers farm we used to cut and split locust trees for fence posts.  My uncle George would usually use a chainsaw to cut and quarter the trees, but sometimes we’d use an adze to split off sections to make the post.  The adze has been around since the stone age.  The modern adze has a wooden handle with a metal cutting edge, like an axe, but with the cutting edge perpendicular to the handle, sort of like a sharp hoe.  It’s used mostly for carving or hollowing out wood like what you might do to make a bowl or canoe.  The adze is also used in the garden to dig and break up soil.  There are two basic types of adze; a short handled version that can be swung with one hand and a long handled version that you use two hands on, providing greater striking force.  There is a similar tool called a mattock.  Perhaps we’ll look at that in the future.