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Fun Fact January 6, 2021.

6 January 2021

Oh those Brits, they sure do have some odd sayings.  Have you ever been giving a set of verbal instructions and the speaker ends with this saying; “and Bob’s your uncle.”  Yeah, me neither, but apparently it’s a thing in England.  For instance, someone might say “just add a bit of sugar and Bob’s your uncle.” Basically it means, “it’s as easy as that.” Your guess is as good as mine as to where this comes from.  One theory suggests it refers to the supposed nepotism of the 20th British Prime Minister, Lord Salisbury, whose first name was Robert, who appointed his nephew to several political posts in the 1880s. Another credits it to the slang ‘all is bob’, meaning ‘all is well’.  The French have a version, “et viola.”  Thanks for listening, check out the podcast and Bob’s your uncle!

Fun Fact January 6, 2021.