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Fun Fact January 8, 2021.

8 January 2021

If he were still with us he would be 85 today.  We are talking about the one and only Elvis.  During his teenage years in Memphis he went to school at L. C. Humes High School.  When he was in the eighth grade he was given a “C” in music and was told by his music teacher that he had no aptitude for singing.  His response was that the teacher didn’t understand his type of singing and the next day, despite being too shy to perform in public, brought his guitar to school and sang “Keep Those Icy Cold Fingers Off Of Me” a recent popular song.  After hearing this, a classmate said the teacher agreed with Elvis that she didn’t appreciate his kind of singing.  She may not have, but most of the world did and still does.  Countless recordings, television appearances, live concerts and multiple movies are what we all have now to remember The King Of Rock and Roll.  

Fun Fact January 8, 2021.