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Fun Fact July 15, 2020.

15 July 2020

What comes neatly stacked and delivered in a can?  If you said Pringles, your are correct.  In 1956 Proctor and Gamble tasked chemists Frederic Baur to come up with a new chip to address consumer complaints about greasy, broken and stale chips, not to mention all that extra air in the chip bag.  It took two years and a couple of additional researchers to perfect the saddle shaped snack.  Technically, you can’t call a Pringles a potato chip.  They are made from dehydrated potato flakes which are flavored and pressed into their familiar shape.  That’s what makes them less greasy than traditional chips.  Next time you grab a can check out the label.  You won’t see the word “chip.”  Instead you’ll see them described as “potato crisps.”  That is due to complaints by traditional chip makers to the FDA, who ruled they could not be marketed as a chip.

Fun Fact July 15, 2020.