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Fun Fact July 16, 2020.

16 July 2020

Last week we visited the depths of the ocean to learn about the giant squid and their huge eyes.  Today we’re going back to the deep blue sea to learn about another strange creature.  The barreleye, or spook fish, has a tubular eyes that looks straight up through it’s transparent head!  As if that is creepy enough, those tubular eyes can also look straight ahead or off to either side.  The spook fish lives just below the level of light penetration and their eyes looks up to catch silhouettes of prey fish passing above.  The eyes are fine tuned to use binocular vision to hone in on their next meal.  Did I mention that the head of the barreleye fish is transparent?  If you don’t believe me, watch this;    https://youtu.be/HaDHD0fMg88

Fun Fact July 16, 2020.