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  • Fun Fact July 24, 2020.

Fun Fact July 24, 2020.

24 July 2020

It’s Friday, let’s have some fun.  Did you know if you Google the word askew the results will show up slanted on your monitor?  If you type “do a barrel roll” in the Google search bar, your screen will do a barrel roll.  Want to see what Google search results looked like in 1998?  Search Google 1998 and you’ll get a flashback.  For this next one, you’ll need a microphone.  Click the mic icon on the Google search bar and say “flip a coin.”  It also works if you say “heads or tails.”  Feel like an old school video game?  Search Pacman, Atari Breakout or Snake and play away for free, just don’t let your boss catch you.  Have a great weekend!

Fun Fact July 24, 2020.