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  • Fun Fact July 27, 2020.

Fun Fact July 27, 2020.

27 July 2020

You’ll see jugs on porches and on the lawn, brewing up some delicious sun tea to enjoy over ice, or at the very least, chilled.  According to tea source dot come, Richard Belchynden, an American merchant, is often given credit for inventing iced tea at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. He was sampling and selling hot tea at his fair booth, but few fair-goers were in the market for hot beverages in the intense summer heat. So, he added ice to the steeped tea and voila! Iced tea was born and quickly gained popularity.  There are other documented instances of iced tea prior to 1904 some as early as the 1870’s, particularly in the southern United States.  Traditional iced tea is first brewed with boiling water as you would for hot tea, then ice is added.  Using boiling water extracts more flavor from the tea leaves.  Brewing tea using the sun takes a bit longer and the tea flavor isn’t as strong typically.  There are some dangers associated with sun tea, namely the growth of certain bacteria that the boiling process kills.  If you decide to make sun tea, make sure the jug is clean, the water is bottled or otherwise purified and you use a high quality bagged tea.

Fun Fact July 27, 2020.