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Fun Fact July 30, 2020.

30 July 2020

You probably have a roll or two of this handy sealing plastic in your pantry.  How we use cellophane today is not what the inventor had in mind.  Cellophane was invented by Swiss chemist Jacques E. Brandenberger in 1900.  He was inspired by seeing wine spill on a restaurant’s tablecloth. He decided to create a cloth that could repel liquids rather than absorb them.  It took ten years for Brandenberger to perfect his film. His chief improvement over earlier work with such films was adding glycerin to soften the material. By 1912 he had constructed a machine to manufacture the film, which he had named Cellophane, from the words cellulose and diaphane which means “transparent.”  Whitman’s candy company initiated use of cellophane for candy wrapping in the United States in 1912 for their Whitman’s Sampler. They remained the largest user of imported cellophane from France until nearly 1924.

Fun Fact July 30, 2020.