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  • Fun Fact July 31, 2020.

Fun Fact July 31, 2020.

31 July 2020

There are more than 70 species of mushrooms that glow in the dark.  There are also mushrooms that make you think that everything is glowing in the dark, but that’s another story.  I remember as a kid walking in the woods behind my house and finding glow in the dark mushrooms.  There is even a name given for the glow given off by a bioluminescent mushroom; foxfire.  Scientist believe that the soft green glow is a way for the mushroom to attract insects or to keep animals from eating it.  Most glow in the dark mushrooms look like a typical mushroom in the light of day, but after sundown they give off a soft green glow.  One well know glowing mushroom is called the Jack O Lantern mushroom.  It’s glow is created by a chemical called Luciferase, which is the same chemical that makes the butt of a firefly light up.

Fun Fact July 31, 2020.