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Fun Fact July 7, 2020.

7 July 2020

Do you eat your daily fruit servings?  What if I told you there was a fruit that tasted like chocolate pudding?  Well, there is and it’s called Black sapote, or  the chocolate pudding fruit. According to Good Morning America, the fruit, which is native to Central and South America, tastes like sweet custard with a hint of chocolate. When it’s fully ripe, the flavor and consistency has been described as a dead ringer for chocolate pudding.  But wait, there’s more good news.  Black sapote is a good source of vitamin A.   A 100 gram serving of black sapote provides 410 IU of vitamin A, which plays a major role in maintaining good eyesight.  You can buy them online, but they are rather pricy.

Fun Fact July 7, 2020.