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Fun Fact July 9, 2020.

9 July 2020

Nearly every week at least one of these fun facts is about an animal.  Animals are fascinating, at least to me.  Today can you imagine an eye that is nearly a foot across?  A creature with an eye that large must also be humongous, right?  Maybe a whale.  Well, it’s not a whale but it does live in the ocean.  The giant squid has the largest eye of any animal on earth.  The squid itself can be nearly 60 feet long and weigh almost a ton.  Why such a large eye you may ask.  The giant squid, and it’s cousin the colossal squid, live in the deepest parts of the ocean where it’s extremely dark.  Their large eyes allow them to see objects in their lightless world.  Most everything scientists know about the giant squid is from studying carcasses that have washed up on beaches or been pulled in by fishermen.  Over the last several years Japanese scientists, using specialized diving equipment, have been able to study live squid.  Because they are so elusive little is known about their range, but carcasses have been found on beaches of all the worlds oceans.

Fun Fact July 9, 2020.